What Next Triple Bill - Friday

Bolero by Jesús Rubio Gamo. Image by Fransico Ares


€14 / €12. 10% online booking discount


19:30pm to 21:00pm


Fri 07 Feb '20


Dance Limerick Performance Space, St.Johns Church, Johns Square

LOOPED by Human Collective

A playful fusion of hip-hop and juggling that explores masculinity and vulnerable side of male energy. Looped creates unpredictable scenarios and introduces elements of risk taking as a consequence of mistakes. Responsibility, power play, connection and childhood games were a creative drive for this dance work performed by all male cast of Human Collective (Mateusz Szczerek (choreographer), Tobi Balogun and Jack Bain).

Restraint by Lina Gómez

How do we continue to reinvent ourselves? Stamping and shaking, dancer Julek Kreutzer generates a continuous flow of movements bound by a narrow space and spurred on by Michelangelo Contini’s drums. Restraint is a liberating outburst of energy and a work of extreme precision, where music and dance persist on supporting each other, crafting a vibrant space. Lina Gómez is an Aerowaves Twenty19 artist.

Bolero by Jesús Rubio Gamo

Bolero is a dance piece about tenacity. It explores the frontier between lightness and gravity and the fine line separating pleasure and exhaustion. Aspects of the piece reflect the current landscape in Madrid as perceived by the choreographer. The performance suggest that even the best things: Ravel’s Boléro, love, dance, and flamenco songs, end up broken when practised too much. Jesús Rubio Gamo is an Aerowaves Twenty17 artist.


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