Three dancers with backs to viewer, with hands on hips wearing colourful leggins
NUTCRUSHER by Sung Im Her. Photo by Ok Sang Hoon


Watch at Home: €10 + Booking Fee / Watch at Dance Limerick (table of 2): €20 + Booking Fee


17:00pm to 17:45pm


Sat 19 Jun '21


2 Locations: Online OR In-Person at Dance Limerick, 1-2 John's Square (Choose your ticket)

Starkly repetitive and energetic, NUTCRUSHER looks at sexual objectification and power by questioning how we relate to our bodies, how they are presented and re-presented, and how cultural context affects this. Sung Im Her is interested in how her three identities of woman, performer and migrant intersect, especially in relation to the #metoo and #timesup movements that began in the west and had a huge impact in Korea. The #metoo and #timesup movement in Korea was severely repressed. When allegations/stories started to come to the surface, it had an explosive effect. The work is also informed by experiences of being looked at in unnerving and disempowering ways. With NUTCRUSHER, Sung Im Her draws our attention to the gaze, to how we look and what effect that may have.

To find out more about Sung Im Her's Professional Workshop on 18 June click here.

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IMPORTANT TICKET INFO: There are 2 ticket types for this performance stream, Watch at Dance Limerick, and Watch at Home. 

Watch at Dance Limerick Ticket: View the performance stream on Dance Limerick's cinema screen in our beautiful venue in John's Square, St.John's Church. Numbers extremely limited due to social distancing restrictions and Covid-19 safety guidelines, the ticket includes a table for 2 people. For Dance Limerick's full Covid-19 Safety guidelines click here.

Watch at Home Ticket: You will receive a link to view the stream from your home, NUTCRUSHER is available to stream from Saturday 19 June, 5pm until Thursday 24 June at 11:59pm.

Choreography: Sung Im Her
Dancers(Original): Yen Ching Lin, Marth Pasakopoulou, Sung Im Her
Music Composer: Jamie Hamilton
Music Editor : Husk Husk
Dramaturge: Philip Stanier
Lighting: Patricia Roldan Polo
Creative Producer: Yoon Hee Yang
Producer (UK) Nikki Tomlinson

Sung Im Her is an Aerowaves Twenty 21 Artist.


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