20:00pm to 21:00pm


Wed 12 Apr '17


Dance Limerick Space (St John's Church)


€14 / €12 (concession)

Wed 12 April | Dance Limerick Space | 8pm | €14/€12

Dance artist Laura Dannequin returns to Limerick to present her moving performance piece Hardy Animal at Dance Limerick on Wednesday 12 April at 8pm. A tender solo which explores human resilience in the face of chronic pain, Hardy Animal is a goodbye letter to a former self and a moving ode to dance.
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Concerned with the human body and its failings, Hardy Animal tells of a dancer’s journey into immobility. Inspired by Dannequin’s own experience of chronic pain, the piece interweaves text and movement, retracing a brutal journey of loss, and hope, and looking at our need to create meaning in a baffling world. Hardy Animal was described by the well-known comedian/performer Daniel Kitson as “entirely excellent… defiant, and angry and sad and funny and beautiful and brave and just so very, very good indeed”.

Laura Dannequin is a French-born performer, choreographer and performance maker, working predominantly in movement. She is interested in creating work that is present, live and raw and that explores bodily being in the world. Laura has a strong connection with Limerick, having lived and worked in the city with Daghdha Dance Company from 2007-2010, during which time she was also awarded a Dance Bursary for choreographic research from the Arts Council. Since her time in Limerick, she has gone on to work internationally with a number of highly regarded dance companies and choreographers, including Deborah Hay, Roberta Jean/Mysteryskin and Dan Canham/Still House.

Announcing details of the forthcoming performance of Hardy Animal, Jenny Traynor, Director of Dance Limerick, explains “We are very excited to have an artist of Laura Dannequin’s calibre at Dance Limerick. Laura was an Aerowaves Artist in 2016, which means she was selected as one of the 20 most promising choreographers in Europe in 2016 by the Aerowaves network of 33 European partner countries. Operating as a hub for dance discovery in Europe, the Aerowaves network identifies and promotes the most promising new work by emerging dance artists, enabling these younger choreographers to bring brand new dance to new audiences. Being selected as an Aerowaves artist is a real badge of honour for dance artists and an internationally recognised standard among the dance community”.

Traynor goes on to explain “We are also very pleased that Dance Limerick was recently accepted as a member of the Aerowaves network. This is our own badge of honour and, in practical terms, our membership gives us access to dance of the highest quality internationally and the opportunity to collaborate with fellow member dance organisations across Europe”.

Hardy Animal Production Credits:
Written, created & performed by Laura Dannequin.
Creative Advisor: Dan Canham
Created with support from The Wellcome Trust, Arts Council England, Bristol Old Vic Ferment and Theatre Bristol.

Additional Info – Laura Dannequin bio:
Laura Dannequin is a French-born performer, choreographer and performance maker, working predominantly with and in movement. She is interested in creating work that is present, live and raw, and that explores bodily being in the world: the dancing body, the social body, the diseased and medicated body. Since 2003, Laura has performed with a wide range of companies and choreographers, including Saburo Teshigawara and Karas, Phillip Zarrilli, Lastalaica Productions, Action Hero and, from 2007-2010, Daghdha Dance Company in Limerick. During her time in Ireland, Laura was awarded a Dance Bursary from the Arts Council for choreographic research into improvisation methodologies. This led to her taking part in Deborah Hay’s Solo Performance Commissioning Project, out of which Laura’s solo In The Making emerged. In 2013, as a response to her experience of chronic pain, she developed Hardy Animal, a project that encompasses a solo performance, a fine-print bookwork and a lecture performance. This work continues to tour in both arts and medical contexts and was one of the Aerowaves Twenty for 2016. Laura has also created two installation works: Dance Dark Dance (2013) and The Secret Slowness of Movement (Mayfest 2015/Dance Umbrella 2016).
Laura is a regular and long term collaborator to Dan Canham and Still House, most recently working as associate choreographer on Of Riders & Running Horses. She previously joined Dan as a collaborator on: West of Nowhere, 30 Cecil Street and Ours was The Fen Country.

Laura enjoys working as a creative/choreographic consultant for an increasing number of artists including Blythe Pepino (of the band Vaults), Roberta Jean/Mysteryskin (Brocade), Jo Bannon (Alba), PINCH (Asking for It), Sylvia Rimat (This Moment Now) Ira Brand (Be Gentle with Me), Jen Bell (Watercooler Songs) and Deborah Pearson (History History History). She is currently training in Body-Mind Centering, dancing in Roberta Jean’s Brocade and developing Making Each Other Possible (Compass Commission 2017), a new dance work in collaboration with dance artist Stephanie McMann.





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